How Do You Care for your Jewelry?

How Do You Care for your Jewelry?

We all know that jewelry isn’t cheap. In fact, it’s one of the most expensive material things in this world. That is why a lot of people like me invest in jewelry because I am fully aware that over time the value of jewelry will exponentially increase. Since jewelry can be expensive it is only right that we know how to take care of it. To ensure that my jewelry will last for a long time and still look brand new I give it an ample care. This means that I don’t only use my common sense and caution when wearing my jewelry, I also need to ensure that it is regularly cleaned, properly stored, aptly repaired and packaged in the right way.


Cleaning my own jewelry is good but I also seek a professional to clean my jewelry. This ensures that my jewelry will look its best. Once a year is enough to have a trained professional clean my jewelry items. This also allows the professional cleaner to detect any signs of damage or wear before it gets worse. But between once a year professional cleanings, there are also other things that I can do as a wearer to clean the jewelry.

  • Diamonds

When cleaning for diamonds, I use a non-metallic brush and make sure that the bristles are the soft kind. I also need a water and ammonia solution. With my brush and with my ammonia and water solution I gently scrub off the grime especially around the settings or prongs because these are the areas where I’ll commonly find grime buildup. Even if the diamond looks clean and sparkly some have a thin coating of skin oil atop it. I’ll notice that my diamond has the potential to sparkle and shine better after I’ve cleaned it with my cloth and solution. One good piece of advice I can give you is to avoid touching your diamond after it is cleaned.

  • Gemstones

Cleaning gemstones are actually quite easy all I do is to soak the gemstones in a bowl of soapy water. The water has to be warm. I soak it in for a couple of minutes and like my diamond, I use a non-metallic brush to rid the gemstones of any trace of grime. To ensure that my jewelry cleaner I use non-abrasive as well. Another thing I keep in mind is to not use any strong chemical cleaners as these may destroy the gemstones. I also avoid cleaning my jewelry in the sink. Soaped jewelry can be slippery and if I’m not too careful it might slip from my hands and go straight to the drainpipe. There are some gemstones that have been enhanced or treated by irradiation, diffusion, boiling or heating. Stones that have been irradiated and heated do not need special care during cleaning but stones that underwent diffusion can become lighter when I scrub it forcefully. Cleaning can also strip off the oil that coats the emerald and this can change the appearance of your emerald stone. If ever this happens all I do is to bring my jewelry in for re-oiling.

  • Pearls

Pearls are a sight to behold. Sadly, the nacre layers from where pearls are made are very malleable by jewelry standards, which mean it can easily become damaged when not properly cared for. Since pearl is basically an organic compound, pearls can be eaten away by alcohol and another harsh chemical. Furthermore, pearls are also found to dull easily. To clean pearls, all I do is to wash then with mild, soapy water and that’s it. It’s also bring my cultured pearls for restringing every once in a while or every two years most especially if I regularly use them.

  • Metals

When caring for mountings, I use rubbing alcohol to remove sticky grime. But I keep in mind that I should not use alcohol on pearl jewelry because it will only eat it away and destroy it. For metals, all I really need is a soft-bristled brush, some soap and water and I’m good to go. I just make sure that the it should be very soft especially when I’m cleaning gold metal as this can scratch very easily. Once cleaned, I only use a soft cloth that won’t leave any threads to dry the jewelry.

Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic cleaners are machines designed to clean jewelry by blasting them with sound waves. The vibration caused by the sound waves takes away the dirt but a word of caution, when not done right these vibrations can also destroy your jewelry. Examples of jewelry that can be damaged by ultrasonic cleaners are emeralds. The inclusions in these gemstones most especially the brittle stones can be massively enlarged through the shaking and this can make emeralds a lot less appealing and it can negatively impact its value. Pearls are examples of soft gems and these shouldn’t be put inside an ultrasonic cleaner as well.


When my jewelry gets broken I don’t repair it myself. My best option is to bring my damaged jewelry in for repair by a professional at the soonest possible time most especially if tiny pieces like links or stones have fallen off because the longer I wait the more links and stones will likely get lost.

The best thing you can do yourself does a preventive repair. Contact your jeweler and schedule a cleaning session every year. During cleaning you can ask your jeweler to look for any signs of damage or wear such as bent clasps and loose mountings so they can fix it before it gets seriously damaged. If you have necklaces and bracelets that do not have safety clasps or chains you can ask your jeweler to add some on. These aren’t expensive so it’s worth the investment. You’d rather spend on safety measures than risk having your jewelry ruined or lost.


If you are about to send jewelry to a friend or to someone you know as a gift through shipping you know how risky that can be. To ensure that my jewelry makes it there safely here are some of the things I do as precautions. I Pack the jewelry and ensure that it is secure in a box size appropriate for the jewelry’s size. As much as possible I use a box that is designed to hold the specific type of jewelry to make sure it is stable and secure. I also use a cloth to wrap my jewelry inside but not plastic. I fill out empty spaces inside the box so the jewelry won’t shift too much during transit.

I also advise that you go for a shipping method that offers to track like UPS or Federal Express so you can track your item until it reaches its destination.


When you wear jewelry it is in its most vulnerable state but when you store it can also incur damage once it’s not done right. As we all know, diamond is the toughest substance on the planet but a diamond can scratch easily when it gets scratched by another diamond it can also scratch softer stones even platinum and gold. It is for this reason why we recommend you store your jewelry the right way ensuring that it has enough space so it won’t come into contact with other jewelry to avoid scratches. Wrap your jewelry individually in cloth or tissue or separate them into different compartments in your jewelry box.


Do you know that when caring for your jewelry it begins with proper wear? This means that you need to know how to and when to put it on and when to take it off. Yes, these things matter if you want your jewelry to look its best. We suggest you put on jewelry after you apply hairspray, perfume, and makeup. You should also be careful when handling pearls and gems since skin oil can cover it up and dull its look. We also suggest that you remove your jewelry when doing manual labor at home or at the office. Keep in mind that bracelets can easily get broken once it catches on a hook.