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What Are The Standard Sizes For Bracelets

What Are The Standard Sizes For Bracelets?

The majority of women say they feel comfortable when wearing a seven to seven and a half inch bracelet. This is, by the way, the standard size for bracelets. In this size, the bracelet will hang beautifully between your wrist bone and your hand, which is the most appealing position.

The following are standard sizes for bracelets:

  • Extra small XS – can fit 6.5 inches – this is a small woman’s wrist
  • Small S – can fit 7 inches – this is an average woman’s wrist
  • Medium M – can fit 8 inches – this is an average man’s wrist or it’s possible for a woman who has a large wrist (big boned)
  • Large L – can fit 9 inches – this is for a man with a large wrist
  • Extra Large XL – can fit 9.5 inches – this is for a man with a very large wrist

When you want to measure bracelets that roll over your hand then you have to measure it snugly where your hand is the widest.

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