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How Do I Know My Bracelet Size?

How Do I Know My Bracelet Size?

As someone who loves jewelry so much, you’ll probably wonder why I wrote this article. Well, the first time I collected jewelry I developed an obsession for earrings. And since earrings do not require sizing, I hoarded all types from hoops to studs to chandeliers. If you look at my earring collection you’ll think I’ve gone into earring collection overdrive. Well, maybe I have. With the market constantly upgrading their styles I just had to keep up with the trend.

After my earrings obsession, I turned to rings. Similarly, I hoarded, shopped and collected as many rings as I can. Some of them I sold to friends, families and strangers but some I kept for myself most especially the timeless pieces. After rings, I jumped into bracelets. With my other arm bare, I just had to add more.

But that’s when I got a bit confused because choosing bracelets aren’t as easy as shopping for earrings. You have to know the correct size of your wrist so the bracelet can fit properly and look beautiful when worn. An ill-fitting bracelet defeats the purpose of why you have it in the first place. When shopping for bracelets your primary concern has to be this, your bracelet must fit your wrist properly.

Wrist Sizing

The following are basic instructions that will teach you how to measure your wrist the right way so you can ensure that the bracelets you buy will fit you perfectly.

When you start measuring for your bracelets, measure it snugly where your wrist is widest. Use a soft tape measure to check for the size of your wrist just right below the wrist bone. Below the wrist bone is the space between your wrist bone and your hand. This measurement is the actual size of your wrist, which means this is not the size of your bracelet. Continue reading