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A Guide When Buying Gold or Gold Plated Jewelry

A Guide When Buying Gold or Gold Plated Jewelry

When I say jewelry what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? The majority of the people I ask would always visualize a gold ring, a gold band or any jewelry that is made of gold. This is because gold has become one of the most popular precious metals in the jewelry industry since time immemorial owing to its beauty and luster. It also doesn’t come as a surprise when people would always opt for gold when shopping for jewelry.

However, as a nifty shopper, I have several things to consider before I complete my payment transaction when shopping for gold. Purity, design and alloy metals impact the durability, appearance of a value of gold. Gold jewelry is famous because it is ideal for collections, accessories and gifts. But gold covers a wide price range and it also comes in so many different styles. Below are just some of the things that I consider when I’m  buying a gold jewelry.

Gold in Jewelry

I’m frequent to jewelry shops and my jeweler always  inform me of the specific karat of the gold I’m holding. If I have no idea what karats are all about then I wouldn’t be able to appreciate gold jewelry. Pure gold is equivalent to 24 karats. However, it is important to know that not all gold jewelry consists of this amount because of the malleability of its metal. A 24-karat gold jewelry item easily bends and it is also very prone to scratches. In order to improve its durability, jewelry manufacturers add metal alloys to gold. Take, for instance, an 18k gold has 18 parts gold and six parts of other metals. If I add both it will give me twenty-four parts.

I have listed below the common purities for gold jewelry as well as their corresponding estimated contents. Continue reading

How Do I Know My Bracelet Size?

How Do I Know My Bracelet Size?

As someone who loves jewelry so much, you’ll probably wonder why I wrote this article. Well, the first time I collected jewelry I developed an obsession for earrings. And since earrings do not require sizing, I hoarded all types from hoops to studs to chandeliers. If you look at my earring collection you’ll think I’ve gone into earring collection overdrive. Well, maybe I have. With the market constantly upgrading their styles I just had to keep up with the trend.

After my earrings obsession, I turned to rings. Similarly, I hoarded, shopped and collected as many rings as I can. Some of them I sold to friends, families and strangers but some I kept for myself most especially the timeless pieces. After rings, I jumped into bracelets. With my other arm bare, I just had to add more.

But that’s when I got a bit confused because choosing bracelets aren’t as easy as shopping for earrings. You have to know the correct size of your wrist so the bracelet can fit properly and look beautiful when worn. An ill-fitting bracelet defeats the purpose of why you have it in the first place. When shopping for bracelets your primary concern has to be this, your bracelet must fit your wrist properly.

Wrist Sizing

The following are basic instructions that will teach you how to measure your wrist the right way so you can ensure that the bracelets you buy will fit you perfectly.

When you start measuring for your bracelets, measure it snugly where your wrist is widest. Use a soft tape measure to check for the size of your wrist just right below the wrist bone. Below the wrist bone is the space between your wrist bone and your hand. This measurement is the actual size of your wrist, which means this is not the size of your bracelet. Continue reading

8 Metal Alloys Used In Making A Gold Jewelry

8 Metal Alloys Used In Making A Gold Jewelry

As mentioned in some of my previous articles, gold per se is soft so you need alloys to make it hard. Metal alloys boost the hardness of gold and it can also modify some of its features such as value, color, and resistance to tarnish. Zinc, copper, and nickel are some of the most popular alloys used in making gold jewelry.

Individuals who have allergies to metal should in any way avoid low-karat gold jewelry because the high amounts of nickel in these jewelry pieces can activate skin reactions. Jewelry items that are 18k or higher are safe for those with sensitive skin. Below shows a list of some of the metal alloys used in gold as well as their corresponding attributions in making gold jewelry.

o    Copper – copper is commonly used as a metal alloy of gold because of its softness. If other metal alloys are incorporated to gold to enhance its hardness, jewelry manufacturers often add copper into the mix to make it easier to bend and shape the materials to become jewelry. Copper, when mixed with gold, can create rose gold and red gold. When a piece of jewelry has a high amount of copper like twenty-five percent or even more then it warrants extensive care to prevent tarnish and patina from building up.

o    Nickel – nickel is known for its strength and toughness, which is why nickel is regularly added to create white gold. Nickel can also be found in plated gold jewelry to reduce production expense.

o    Zinc – Zinc like copper is added to jewelry to harden it and for increased durability. Most of the time, less than fifteen percent of the piece is composed of zinc. Zinc metal is also considered as a secondary bleaching agent in several colored gold jewelry in order to offset the alloyed copper. Continue reading