A Guide When Buying Gold or Gold Plated Jewelry

A Guide When Buying Gold or Gold Plated Jewelry

When I say jewelry what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? The majority of the people I ask would always visualize a gold ring, a gold band or any jewelry that is made of gold. This is because gold has become one of the most popular precious metals in the jewelry industry since time immemorial owing to its beauty and luster. It also doesn’t come as a surprise when people would always opt for gold when shopping for jewelry.

However, as a nifty shopper, I have several things to consider before I complete my payment transaction when shopping for gold. Purity, design and alloy metals impact the durability, appearance of a value of gold. Gold jewelry is famous because it is ideal for collections, accessories and gifts. But gold covers a wide price range and it also comes in so many different styles. Below are just some of the things that I consider when I’m  buying a gold jewelry.

Gold in Jewelry

I’m frequent to jewelry shops and my jeweler always  inform me of the specific karat of the gold I’m holding. If I have no idea what karats are all about then I wouldn’t be able to appreciate gold jewelry. Pure gold is equivalent to 24 karats. However, it is important to know that not all gold jewelry consists of this amount because of the malleability of its metal. A 24-karat gold jewelry item easily bends and it is also very prone to scratches. In order to improve its durability, jewelry manufacturers add metal alloys to gold. Take, for instance, an 18k gold has 18 parts gold and six parts of other metals. If I add both it will give me twenty-four parts.

I have listed below the common purities for gold jewelry as well as their corresponding estimated contents.

Karats Gold Content
24k 100 percent
22k 91 percent
18k 75 percent
14k 58 percent
12k 50 percent
10k 42 percent

The price of a gold jewelry is a direct reflection of its purity. So let’s say an 18K gold necklace is actually far more expensive compared to 14K gold necklace even if both share the same qualities and designs.

It is a requirement for manufacturers to label their gold jewelry with the exact karats. These labels are normally engraved in an inconspicuous location like the inner rim of the ring. In America, jewelry has to contain at least 10 karats for it to be considered gold. The requirements for this will vary from country to country and often it can reach as high up as 18 karats, which means that a gold can be called a real gold if it reaches 18 karats. When shoppers buy gold jewelry basing on karats, there are buyers who prefer the purity of higher karats and rarity while there are also those who look into affordability. It is also very important to study alloys that are used in creating jewelry since these metal alloys can affect the characteristics, color and the price of the jewelry item.

White Gold Jewelry

Today, white gold is one of the most favored jewelry because of its remarkable shine and high value. I personally choose white gold instead of sterling silver because it is resistant to blemish and it has more value. White gold pairs beautifully with diamond, colored stones, and gemstones. I agree that this is the jewelry that could match all skin tones so whether your fair or dark-skinned white gold jewelry will still strikingly stand out.

Usually, 18k white gold encompasses seventeen percent nickel, six percent zinc and two percent copper. Therefore, those who have allergies with metal should avoid this type of jewelry because of its high nickel content.

Palladium is also a known substitute for nickel in white gold owing to its hypoallergenic characteristic. If palladium is added instead of nickel it will still produce an alluring silvery white hue. There are also a number of jewelry pieces that contain rhodium plating to enhance an item’s resistance to tarnish and to increase its luster.

Gold-Plated Jewelry

When it comes to fashion jewelry, manufacturers make use of overlays or what you call gold fills to keep the prices low and to create the look of authentic gold pieces. In a typically plated jewelry, you will find a base metal like silver or nickel, which basically is less expensive, compared to gold. When I talk about gold-filled jewelry, the gold is fused to the metal and the entire jewelry item is plated with gold. For an item to be labeled as gold-filled it has to contain at least five percent of gold.

Plated jewelry items are always coated with a small layer of gold, which is basically 10 karats or higher. Another popular choice among women is gold vermeil jewelry. It is popular because it has sterling silver as its base metal. I would opt for gold-filled jewelry because I noticed that the coating lasts much longer compared to gold-plated pieces.

It is very common among plated jewelry pieces to feature yellow shades. However, these pieces of jewelry may feature any colored gold. If you are tight on a budget, I would recommend you would opt for the plated and filled jewelry because of its beauty but more importantly because of its affordable price.