Where Can You Find Gold And Gold Plated Jewelry

Where Can You Find Gold And Gold Plated Jewelry?

Like any other jewelry, you can find them both online in e-commerce jewelry websites such as Niv’s Bling or you can find them offline if you shop for them in shopping malls or in brick-and-mortar jewelry stores in your area. The choice is yours but for people who are always on the go and those who do not have the luxury of time, most of them shop for jewelry online because of convenience. If you want to shop online all you have to do is to know what e-commerce sites sell jewelry pieces. One example is Niv’s Bling. Niv’s Bling is a trusted company that sells an array of jewelry collections. In there you’ll find gold-plated jewelry and even gold-filled jewelry according to the design and style you want to have. You can even refine your results to the type of jewelry you want.

Online you can also check out what type of gold you want whether it’s white gold, rose gold or yellow gold to narrow down your options and to make decision-making a lot less stressful especially if you are faced with a confusingly massive collection of gold jewelry.

So basically, whether you are looking for gold in its pure yellow form or alloyed with other metal forms to give it a colored effect, gold is ideal in many jewelry styles. Gold is a very versatile form of metal that will look amazing alone or when ornamented with gemstones. After you’ve chosen your desired karats you can then choose the shades you want to pair with your outfit or to add to your growing jewelry collection. Continue reading

What Are The Standard Sizes For Bracelets

What Are The Standard Sizes For Bracelets?

The majority of women say they feel comfortable when wearing a seven to seven and a half inch bracelet. This is, by the way, the standard size for bracelets. In this size, the bracelet will hang beautifully between your wrist bone and your hand, which is the most appealing position.

The following are standard sizes for bracelets:

  • Extra small XS – can fit 6.5 inches – this is a small woman’s wrist
  • Small S – can fit 7 inches – this is an average woman’s wrist
  • Medium M – can fit 8 inches – this is an average man’s wrist or it’s possible for a woman who has a large wrist (big boned)
  • Large L – can fit 9 inches – this is for a man with a large wrist
  • Extra Large XL – can fit 9.5 inches – this is for a man with a very large wrist

When you want to measure bracelets that roll over your hand then you have to measure it snugly where your hand is the widest.

There are so many men and women today who have come to appreciate the beauty of online shopping from clothes, books, home decors and jewelry, almost everything can be sold and bought online. And yes people are willing to risk purchasing jewelry online no matter how expensive as long as they find it convenient. Continue reading

Things You Need To Know About Gold Color Jewelry

Things You Need To Know About Gold Color Jewelry

Buyers who are not fond of natural yellow gold tones look for jewelry with their choice of colors. And since all colored gold consists of alloys, it can never be 24 karats. But 18k white gold with a mix of platinum can be pricier compared to pure gold.

When we talk about fine jewelry, a lot of colored gold pieces are 18 karats and it is very uncommon to find anything that goes beyond 22k. A lot of colored gold utilizes a system of copper, silver and gold in varying ratios to create hues of yellow, white, red and green. When jewelry manufacturers take away copper from the mixture, silver and gold blends produce green gold. A lot of different alloys are used to create purple gold and blue gold, both of which are fragile and are usually reserved for ornamental accents on jewelry.

With differences in ratio, copper, and gold when combined produces hues of red and pink known as rose gold. In order to produce black gold, a process needs to be completed. Black gold is produced through a number of chemical processes that includes cobalt, chromium, ruthenium, and rhodium as alloys. Continue reading

How Do You Care for your Jewelry?

How Do You Care for your Jewelry?

We all know that jewelry isn’t cheap. In fact, it’s one of the most expensive material things in this world. That is why a lot of people like me invest in jewelry because I am fully aware that over time the value of jewelry will exponentially increase. Since jewelry can be expensive it is only right that we know how to take care of it. To ensure that my jewelry will last for a long time and still look brand new I give it an ample care. This means that I don’t only use my common sense and caution when wearing my jewelry, I also need to ensure that it is regularly cleaned, properly stored, aptly repaired and packaged in the right way.


Cleaning my own jewelry is good but I also seek a professional to clean my jewelry. This ensures that my jewelry will look its best. Once a year is enough to have a trained professional clean my jewelry items. This also allows the professional cleaner to detect any signs of damage or wear before it gets worse. But between once a year professional cleanings, there are also other things that I can do as a wearer to clean the jewelry.

  • Diamonds

When cleaning for diamonds, I use a non-metallic brush and make sure that the bristles are the soft kind. I also need a water and ammonia solution. With my brush and with my ammonia and water solution I gently scrub off the grime especially around the settings or prongs because these are the areas where I’ll commonly find grime buildup. Even if the diamond looks clean and sparkly some have a thin coating of skin oil atop it. I’ll notice that my diamond has the potential to sparkle and shine better after I’ve cleaned it with my cloth and solution. One good piece of advice I can give you is to avoid touching your diamond after it is cleaned. Continue reading